Sunday, 12 October 2014

Obi in Indo

Obadiah started his world travels in Indonesia. He got his name as it rhymed with the airline he flew with: Sriwijaya. He is complete with leather jacket and flying goggles.

He arrived in Jogjakarta airport, which is by far nicer than Jakarta. It has some pretty displays of artefacts of Javanese culture, which Obi particularly liked.

Obi enjoys a milkshake after his journey

Obi at an Ibis in Jogja
After watching the sunrise over the Indonesian countryside, Obi got to visit the Buddhist temple of Borobudur. He enjoyed the panoramic views from the top and carved stone facades. It was a bit hot, especially with his leather jacket.
Obi at Borobudar

Obi also got to visit Jogjakarta's Sultan's Palace, but unfortunately his photography equipment failed him. There was some Javanese puppet theatre, which he found captivating.

This is just a part of his Indonesian adventures. There are other aspects that Obi is a bit more embarrassed about, which will be revealed later.